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Generators require ongoing maintenance to continuously run properly, but even with recurring upkeep, they can experience problems that need to be repaired by a certified generator repair technician.

As a Florida resident, you are well aware of how disruptive hurricanes can be to your life when they pass through. Having a working and reliable generator is crucial for both homeowners and businesses alike. When you have a backup generator installed, you anticipate that that generator will be functional when the time comes to power your home or business. However, if your generator has not been tested or serviced in some time, you could be left without power when you might need it most.

At SWFL Generator, we work with certified, licensed, and professionally trained generator technicians to be there when you need us. We have the expertise to provide repair services for homes or businesses to ensure you are fully prepared for whatever comes next. Our team is equipped with the tools and experience to service a variety of generator issues or problems that you might be facing. We are confident that we can fix just about any problem with your generator.

If your generator is stalling, damaged, or not working at all, our repair team can help. Our team of generator professionals have been servicing the cities of Florida with comprehensive generator services since 1999.
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Common Signs Your Generator Needs Repair

Some signs are more obvious than others when it comes to repairing or servicing your generator.

There are a variety of components that make your generator function as it should, some exterior and some interior. If you are not able to spot visible damage to the exterior of your generator, chances are, an internal component needs to be replaced. Here are some common signs that your generator might require a service call from the pros at SWFL Generator.

  • Your generator stalls or has issues on startup
  • Damage has been done to the exterior of your generator
  • There is a leak coming from your generator
  • Your generator hasn’t been serviced or maintained in a while

Because some serviceable items within a generator can be internally placed, it is best that you call a certified generator technician for assistance. Our team can assist with both the troubleshooting as well as the repair side of generator problems. Call our team today at (239) 222-1672 or fill out our contact form for additional information.

Generator Services Provided

  • Generator Coolant Refill: If your generator has low coolant levels, your generator levels can plummet quickly. Our team can provide coolant refills to get your levels back up to working standards.
  • Generator Wire Repair: Over time, wires in your generator can fray or corrode. This can often prevent the generator from starting or running as intended. Electrical work should be left up to a licensed generator repair expert.
  • Generator Fuel Line Cleaning: If fuel lines remain empty in your generator over extended periods of time, blockage can begin to develop in the lines. This can prevent fuel from getting to the engine, causing the generator to stop running or prevent it from being started.
  • Generator Fuel Gauge Repair: Fuel gauges indicate how much fuel your generator has left before needing to be refilled. If the gauges on your generator are not functioning properly, you may be unable to use this feature and run out of fuel and not even know it.
  • Generator Circuit Breaker Repair: To keep your generator running smoothly and consistently, the circuit breaker needs to be in great condition. If your generator trips frequently, the breaker may need to be repaired or, in some cases, replaced.
  • Generator Replacement: Although most generators will last for years, in some cases, a replacement may be advised if the generator is beyond the point of repair.

When evaluating if your generator might need the help of a licensed repair technician, there are a few things you can look for to help diagnose your problem. Visible signs of repair can include dry, cracked, or damaged belts, general wear and tear, weather damage, and cracked heads. Other hidden diagnostic signs could be a burnt motor, burnt coils, dead batteries, overheating, and engine failure.

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Generator Brands We Repair

There are many brands and models of generators available on the market today.
At SWFL Generator, we provide repair services to all major generator brands of all sizes in both residential and commercial settings. Whether your generator is new or old, powered by natural gas or propane, we have you covered. We can offer the following repair services for the brands listed below.
  • Centurion Repairs
  • Lennox Generators
  • Onan Generators
  • Honda Generators
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