Emergency Generator Installation

The installation of an emergency standby generator takes the fear out of losing power.

Southern Florida experiences severe weather unpredictably. Such storms wreak havoc on your utility services, which can leave you without power for days at a time. Without power, your home faces big issues – sump pump failure, refrigerator food loss, even unsafe living conditions. SWFL Generator provides professional emergency generator installation to help keep your family safe and comfortable during the loss of power.

A professional installation of a whole house backup generator protects your home automatically. The home generator is installed outside your home and is permanently wired into your home’s pre-existing electrical system. It sits outside, like a central air conditioner, and runs on liquid propane fuel or natural gas. In addition, the backup generator delivers power directly to your existing electrical system only when needed, and it does it automatically. Not only does a professionally installed home backup generator provide comfort and security, but it also increases the value of your home.

The installation of a backup generator provides many benefits including…

  • Continuous power during a blackout (heating/cooling systems, sump pumps, refrigerators/freezers, medical equipment, security systems, etc.)
  • Comfort and safety during emergency situations
  • Protection from voltage fluctuation and surges when the power is restored
  • Peace of mind for your loved ones

Special Incentives With a Briggs & Stratton Installation

generator installation special
Generator installation special

How Does a Whole House Backup Generator Work?

A home generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy by taking energy from a fuel source.

Today’s modern backup generators are very efficient at creating an electrical output that can power your home.

Your professionally installed whole house backup generator will be connected to your home through an electrical panel box, similar to your current standard electrical box. In the event of a power outage, the generator quickly and automatically turns on and reinstates the power at your home.

Generators are installed outside of your home and vary in size and function.

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Generator Brands We Install

There is not a one size fits all solution for a backup power system for your home.

We offer many types of generators with various options, depending on your specific needs. Furthermore, choosing our team to do a backup emergency generator installation in your home ensures that you are receiving the highest quality service provided by experienced professionals. We are proud to be an authorized dealer of top-quality product including:

Don’t wait until the next storm leaves your home compromised. Let SWFL Generator protect your home and family with a new whole house emergency generator installation.

We have years of experience and are available to answer all your questions about the right generator for your home. Call us at (239) 222-1672 today.

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